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The attorneys at Legacy Law Offices focus their knowledge, time and resources on one specific aspect of law – motor vehicle accident injuries. With a combined 50+ years of experience helping victims of car, motorcycle, bicycle and truck crashes, we know how hard it is for you and your loved ones to focus on recovering from serious injuries while being uncertain about your future. 

Most vehicle accident victims deal with various injuries and their complications making them unable to work and provide for themselves and their families, leaving them to fend for themselves with little to no income while making it notoriously difficult to pay their bills. 

This does NOT have to be you. We are here to turn what bad luck you’ve experienced into good. 

Everything You Need To Know In A Nutshell About Arvada, Colorado’s Insurance Laws 

Colorado at one point was one of the rare “no-fault” states prior to 2003 when it came to vehicle insurance claims. No-fault is when an individual, regardless if they were at fault or not, could file a car accident claim under their own policy. Under Colorado’s new “tort system”, (and more common across most states) fault must be proven by one of the drivers before insurance claims are paid out to its recipients – and the other party would be “at-fault” along with their insurance company who will be held responsible for their driver’s negligence. 

All Colorado drivers must have the following liability insurance coverage at a *minimum* to operate their vehicles legally on Arvada, Colorado’s roads: 

$25,000 coverage for body injury liability ‘per person – $50,000 coverage for injury liabilities if more than one person was injured – $15,000 coverage property damage liability.

Automobile Accident Settlements In Colorado Work Like This 

Settling a case means to immediately and informally come to a mutual agreement before both parties and representing lawyers and insurance companies with an agreeable remedy to drop any pending lawsuits. Most cases, for example, end in settlement before seeing a court room, in large part because most damages are easy to identify, calculate and determine for both parties. The clearer cut the evidence, the faster the settlement.  

Also, neither party really wants to take a case to court. It’s extremely time consuming, expensive, and draining for both sides. This encourages civil cases like your own to work out a mutual solution to prevent the court system from being backed up with thousands of car accident related cases. A settlement allows both parties to control the final outcome and work out any pending disputes amongst themselves amicably.  

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When you have us on retainer, our team will immediately begin work to carefully review any insurance policies, reconstruct the accident if possible, and offer straight-forward legal advice and insight about the options you have available to you. Start with a free case evaluation today.