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Vehicle accidents are DEVASTATING. That’s why you’re here seeking information on how you can begin the recovery process for you and/or your loved ones involved today. 

We understand many questions are rumbling in your mind: Should I hire an attorney? Are my injuries substantial enough to support filing a lawsuit for a settlement? Who would be responsible for paying for my damages? What damages can I receive? How do I proceed to getting a settlement? And more. 

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The personal injury lawyers of Legacy Law Firm, LLP, have over 50+ years of combined experienced representing injured victims just like you. We are dedicated to giving everyone a ‘fair shake’ at gathering all the information they seek and need to go through the very delicate and difficult process of fully recovering from an Illinois car crash injury. 

Traffic Accident Lawyer and Attorney – Here’s How Much Time You Have To File Your Car Accident Lawsuit Insurance Claim In Illinois 

Time you’re allotted to file a car accident lawsuit (statute of limitations) varies depending on what happened to you personally or an adult or child loved one. Generally, there is a two-year window from the date of the accident if you were personally injured involving other private vehicles, one to two years if a loved one was killed, one year if it involved a government vehicle, and five years if you’re only filing a lawsuit for property damage. If a minor is injured, in some cases, statute of limitations may be lengthened. 

Car Wreck Attorney and Lawyer | Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late 

We recommend all of our clients to take action as fast as possible even with up to two years to file a claim.  


Because evidence gathered from the accident scene in short order makes it easier to make a case, eye witness accounts (if any) are still ‘fresh’ in people’s memories, and you don’t risk missing your deadline. If you miss Illinois’s statute of limitations the court has a right to refuse to hear your case forgetting any damages you may deserve. 

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Knowing the facts of your case without the assistance of an experience attorney could spell “disaster” if handled improperly. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to “break the bad news” to injured parties who were ‘too quick on the trigger’, took the first offer given to them on the table, only later to regret signing a deal with “the devil”. 

We help you avoid many mistakes you can’t ‘do-over’ or learn a lesson from. Our extensive knowledge and experience representing injured parties like yourself put negotiations in your favor, keeps you OUT of court when possible, and settles your claim fairly. 

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation with one of our qualified legal assistances, feel free to contact us immediately so we can begin reviewing your case.