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If you’ve been harmed in a vehicular accident, you deserve to be *FULLY COMPENSATED* for all expenses, loses, pain and suffering you’re enduring as a result of the others negligent driving habits. 

Auto-wrecks is an emotionally and psychologically traumatic experience for you and your loved ones, not to mention the mountains of debts and vehicle repair bills bound to pile up. According to Louisiana law, if you are NOT at fault, you are entitled to pursue compensation.  

Unfortunately, obtaining monies is ‘rarely’ a ‘cut n’ dry’ process as both your insurance company and that of the other drivers will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to protect their profit margins and bottom-line.  

Fortunately, a Baton Rouge car accident attorney from Legacy Law Firm is just what the doctor (or lawyer) ordered. 

To see if you have a case and its potential settlement worth, consult with a trained Legacy Car Accident Lawyer today. 

The Ugly *TRUTH* About Auto Insurance Company’s After A Wreck You MUST Know About! 

As we’ve briefly touched on in the introduction, most accident victims learn ‘the hard way’ that insurance companies aren’t – by design – to be by your side, even if it is your own insurance company. They’re goal is to settle *quick and easy* to tie up any lose ends while enticing you with a large enough offer to get you to take the bait, but not so large that it digs too deep into their pockets. 

Every insurance adjuster’s worst nightmare are people like us who fight like Tyson on our client’s behalf. They’re ‘banking’ on you taking the ‘low-hanging fruit’ upfront while steering you away from reaching out to us who will go the distance to ensure you get a FAIR deal instead of a RAW deal.  

A tell-tale sign your settlement is worth much more than what they’re offering is if, soon after the accident, they *rush* to make you an offer on the condition you sign a release form absolving them of any and all other responsibilities from thereon. 

Sure, $2,500 – $7,500 may *sound* enticing to the average person not accustomed to receiving such substantial lump sum amounts all at one time, but this means you can fetch as much as 3x – 7x whatever they’re offering you with the aid of a professional law firm like Legacy. 

As Your Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, We Will Secure A FULL and FAIR Settlement On Your Behalf For Your Hardships 

By working side-by-side with a Baton Rouge vehicle accident attorney from our office, you can rest easy knowing we’re going to bat for you at home plate to settle your claim. Plus, you’ll never have to step foot in a court room to make your case. We settle 95%+ of our cases directly with insurance companies.  

Lastly, avoid speaking directly with insurers aside from providing basic information (name, age, date of accident, vehicle details, etc.) Refuse to offer up any details they could potentially use to nullify your claim. Let them speak to ‘us’ on ‘your’ behalf.  

With that being said, Louisiana offers accident victims a liberal prescription to file a claim seeking damages up to one year. If you file AFTER this deadline, your case will be automatically dismissed without hearing. Act fast. Be swift. Contact Legacy Personally Injury Law Firm today!