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Car accidents are so common this day and age that most of us totally forget about the hidden dangers lurking in the corner when we’re out and about on the streets of Brooklyn. 

If you’ve been recently injured in an auto accident in Brooklyn, you need a professional experienced Brooklyn automobile accident lawyer to serve you in protecting your rights and fight for compensation you’re entitled to under Brooklyn laws for your accident-related injuries and expenses.  

Because so many variables affect the outcome of any particular case, the best way to handle your case will depend on individual circumstances. It should never be a ‘guessing game’. File the wrong report, miss the deadline to file a report, make the wrong claim, speak to a scrupulous insurance adjuster, or try to settle your case “on your own” and there’s no coming back for do-overs. A single mistake on your part can land you in jail, levied with heavy fines, or stuck with medical bills unable to pay. 

Below are city and state laws governing vehicle accident situations you must consider. These laws, rules and regulations are subject to change anytime and are by no means ‘set in stone’. We always keep accurate, up-to-date information handy because our own careers depend on it. After viewing the information below, be sure to contact us immediately so we can begin looking at and evaluating your case – free of charge. 

We Get FULL COMPENSATION For Our Clients Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim Case 

At Legacy Law Firm, we believe innocent vehicle accident victims should ‘not’ be ‘stuck with the bill’ related to an accident they were not responsible for causing in the first place. That is why our loyal Brooklyn vehicle accident attorneys work round the clock shifts to document all damages you have suffered and seek maximum compensation from your claim. 

We are experienced in pursuing payments for: past and/or current medical bills resulting from the car crash; future medical costs, such as planned procedures, continuous medical needs, assistive devices, nursing care and assistance, etc.; lost income during recovery; future income losses and forfeiture of fringe benefits such as expected promotions, fringe benefits, pay raises, career advancements, etc. due to your unexpected disability; car and truck repairs or replacement; pain and suffering (emotional and psychological radical change in lifestyle). 

Our legal team are aggressive negotiators and experienced trial attorneys ready to fight on your behalf. We investigate every case that comes across our desk thoroughly and correspond with insurance companies with a wealth of knowledge and skill to get what our clients deserve. 

Brooklyn’s “No-Fault” and “Comparative Negligence” Rules At A Glance | Hire A Motor Car Vehicle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Attorney  

New York is one of the few states in the entire country with “no-fault” vehicle insurance and accident compensation laws. This simply means that as an accident victim you must first file a claim against your own insurance policy for all injuries and resulting damages from the accident. 

However, under special cases and circumstances where injuries are so severe that it causes permanent damage such as immobility in one or more limbs, blindness, deafness, or other bodily scars and impairment, you may file a claim against the other driver’s insurance, and if need be, a pending lawsuit.  

Additional claims may also include pain and suffering and other non-economic claims. However, to succeed on any additional claims, you’d have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver was largely responsible under New York’s “pure comparative negligence” laws. This law simply means if your case heads to trial, the judge or jury will determine fault on a percentage basis for each driver and reduce your settlement rewards accordingly. 

For example, if you suffered $100,000 worth of cumulative damages after a bad roll-over car accident, but you were found to be 30 percent at fault, you will be awarded a total of $70,000. 

New York is a very complicated state to file insurance claims for as the law requires you go to your own insurance for compensation ‘first’, save for serious injuries as mentioned earlier. It becomes a battle of subjective opinion as to who determines if your injuries were bad enough to justify a lawsuit. But that’s why we are here to set the record straight, get you the settlement you deserve and bring to justice those involved in your accident. 

The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit legal case is three years from the date of the accident. Currently, it seems like an eternity, but the time flies faster than you can blink an eye. That is why it’s important to have a good attorney by your side to keep track of all of the finer legal matter details while you are free to recover and get your life back on track. 

The Average Vehicle Accident Settlement in Brooklyn, NY Is NO Average 

Averages are hard to quantify because every case is very different from the last. One rear-end impact that may have led to minor bruising for one victim may be broken bones and a mild conclusion for another. Determining a fair settlement amount boils down to the following criteria:  

How much was each driver at fault? What evidence is there to support the at-fault and damage claims? What are both parties insurance policy limits (insurance companies are not obligated to pay more than policy limits)? How much are car repairs or replacement? What are the medical bill costs? What are the pain and suffering damages if any? How much income was lost and will be potentially lost as a result of forced absence from gainful employment? And much more. 

There’s a lot to unpack, for sure, and all the more reason why consulting with a professional legal consultant makes all the more sense to resolve your situation. 

We Believe In Your Case…and We Believe In You…| Get A Truck Car Vehicle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Attorney Today 

Evidence preservation to support your claim is essential to increasing the odds of successfully settling your case. Evidence collection should be the number #1 priority undertaken by your attorney of choice as soon as possible. 

In cases where injuries and other damages does not affect the victim for several months, years, or a lifetime, we may be able to settle on your behalf within a few months. In more serious circumstances – such as spinal cord, disfiguring, or traumatic brain injuries and injuries resulting in amputation, burns, scars, or other forms of permanent damage – the case will likely take longer to resolve as compensation factors in long-term effects. 

The Legacy Law Firm will thoroughly review and analysis your case and explain your legal options at zero charge to you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a certified professional car accident lawyer team today.