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Here’s The “Skinny” About Nevada’s “At-Fault” and “Modified Comparative Negligence” Laws 

The state of Nevada uses a complicated form of modified comparative negligence that demands all injured parties prove he or she was nor more at fault for their injuries than the other driver he or she is suing. 

Additionally, compensatory awards are subject to reductions according to fault percentages, meaning if you sue for $10,000 and win, if you were also found to be at fault by 30%, you will only be allowed to settle out of court with $7,000 of the total settlement awarded on judgment. 

What You Must Know About Nevada’s Damage Limits and How It May Affect Your Pending Legal Case 

Vulnerable victims 60 years of age or older who believe their injuries were the result of abuse or neglect may be granted double damages from the responsible party known as punitive damages.  

If your injuries were the result of willful misconduct of a minor, his or her parents are liable, but not exceeding $10,000 in total damages. 

If your injuries were partly the fault of the States neglect (faulty street lamp, bad traffic lights, damaged roads, etc.) damage claims are maxed at $100,000 on the condition you file suit within two years of the accident, also known as the statute of limitations. 

Keeping on the theme of statute of limitations, even if the State is NOT at fault, you’re still liable to bring suit two years from the date of accident for all personal injury claims.  

Lastly, if your pet(s) were injured or killed following the accident, you may be awarded up to $5,000 for injuries for each pet. 

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SPECIAL NOTE: State laws and regulations are always subject to change via passage of new or modified legislation. Though Legacy Law firm, LLP, strive to prove you the most current and accurate details on car accident laws for the state of Nevada, it’s best to consult with our counsel to verify the state law(s) upon which you must adhere during the process of filing your claim.