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The attorneys at Legacy Law Offices focus their knowledge, time and resources on one specific aspect of law – motor vehicle accident injuries. With a combined 50+ years of experience helping victims of car, motorcycle, bicycle and truck crashes, we know how hard it is for you and your loved ones to focus on recovering from serious injuries while being uncertain about your future. 

Most vehicle accident victims deal with various injuries and their complications making them unable to work and provide for themselves and their families, leaving them to fend for themselves with little to no income while making it notoriously difficult to pay their bills. 

This does NOT have to be you. We are here to turn what bad luck you’ve experienced into good. 

Ohio Car and Truck Accident Statistics | Affordable Car Wreck Injury Lawyer and Attorney 

Most Americans will be in at least ‘one’ car, truck or motorcycle accident during their lifetime. Most are minor fender-benders. However, others are more serious head-one collisions, rear-ended accidents, side impacts or rollovers.  

Experts say that out of roughly 6 million vehicle related accidents; 3 million people are injured and more than 40,000 people are killed each year. 

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, 302,307 vehicle accidents, 226,169 injuries, and 75,109 fatalities occurred in 2015 alone.  

Passenger vehicles are classified as the most prone to accidents simply because of the sheer number of these types of vehicles on the road. This includes cars, pickups, SUV’s, and vans.  

Statistics like these are quite startling as they reveal how common it is for people to get seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash.  

If you or one of your loved ones are suffering at the hands of an Ohio automobile accident, you deserve a lawyer who will treat your case fairly and give it the commitment it needs to reach a satisfying settlement. 

How To Prove Other Driver Negligence To Win Your Case | Truck Car Vehicle Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Attorney 

The most important responsibility your attorney must successfully accomplish is determining negligence or piecing together who failed to adhere to their driving duties and is thus responsible for causing the auto accident. 

Negligent driving can consist of a number of driving faults including failure to yield at a stop sign, dozing off at the wheel, going to fast in bad weather conditions, going over the speed limit, driving while drunk, driving while distracted, operating a recalled vehicle, bad vehicle maintenance, or unknowingly operating a defective vehicle. 

In most cases, the negligent party is the driver involved in the accident. However, negligence can be linked to other parties such as passenger interference and obstruction or car manufacturers. In the state of Ohio, even if you were partially responsible, according to “modified comparative negligence” rules, you may still be entitled to compensation at a reduced amount according to the percentage of responsibility you are at fault.  

As you can imagine, proving negligence is not an “open and shut case”. There are so many factors and moving pieces that attempting to take legal matters in your own hands will either result in you receiving nothing for your damages, pain and suffering, or very little.  

Your lawyer must be competent enough to protect your interest when dealing with insurance companies who are keen to take advantage of Ohio laws to undermine your claim. 

We Face The Big Bad Wolf (Insurance Companies) “Head On” So You Don’t Have To 

The assumption many car accident victims make is that lawyers are best used for taking cases to court. From their perspective, utilizing legal services for anything other than that is wasteful, especially when victims simply want to file their insurance claim and settle for a lump sum without any hassles.  

It’s human nature to want to keep the bulk of any settlement an insurance adjuster or attorney may offer you in exchange for ‘dropping the case’. In fact, some people indeed negotiate with insurance companies alone.  

Although we totally understand why most victims are apprehensive about hiring a lawyer to save time, money, or both, here’s a few reasons WHY it’s wise for you to retain our services: 

First, victims who self-represent almost always end up walking away receiving much less than they deserve.  

We sometimes have people who contact us AFTER settling who, because they signed an agreement to take the money and ‘walk’, our hands are tied. We are then forced to break the bad news and reveal that, had they retained our services they would have received 3x – 7x (or in some rare cases, much more) what they settled for on their own even AFTER our own fees are taken out. 

Second, a good attorney understands the FULL EXTENT of your rights and can objectively tell you what your case is actually worth. Insurance lawyers, on the other hand, also know the worth of your case and will intentionally manipulate and ‘fudge the numbers’ to give you the impression its worth much less than what it’s actually worth. 

We have this wealth of knowledge simply because our careers depend on it. The average person doesn’t sit through years of law school nor have decades of experience trying and settling car accident related cases to know what legal recourse they have at their disposal.  

It takes more than basic negotiation skills to recover damages. For example, even if an insurance company agrees to pay, they will delay, stall, deflect and defend their position until we put enough pressure on them to bend and follow through on a settlement, and that’s assuming they agreed to a settlement at all.  

Is this stressful process ‘really’ something you want to put you and your family through?  

Let Legacy Law Firm do all the fighting for you, investigate, build your case, and fearlessly represent you in the court of law? 

Why Choose Us? | Talk To A Car Truck Accident Law Firm Attorneys and Lawyers Today 

Most of our cases settle with a 95%+ settlement success rate and our law offices have decades of combined experience settling hundreds of accidents claims without ever seeing a courtroom. 

There are several factors that determines the final outcome of your unique case. For example, were you left with serious bodily harm? Was your vehicle damaged? Were wages lost due to time away from work? Bottom-line, you want to avoid as much guessing as possible during litigation to help deliver a favorable outcome. 

Get a police report in your hands and receive medical attention as soon as you can. Say nothing to anyone, including the ‘at-fault’ drivers insurance adjuster and/or attorney. If anyone calls to discuss your accident, tell them three words, “Call my lawyer.”