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At Legacy Law Firm, our Denver car accident lawyers take great pride in looking after men, women, and children injured in car crashes. We know how challenging it is to get back on one’s feet after being hurt, and we know how important it is for you to seek out justice and compensation against those who have caused you and/or your family great harm. 

Our ultimate goal isn’t necessarily helping you to settle for damages and large financial rewards. It’s to help you get back on your feet and ease your way back into being a productive member of society and taking full control over your life again. If a medical doctor can fix broken bones and other injuries…and if a psychiatrist can help you overcome the trauma you’ve been dealing with since the day of the accident…than a Legacy Attorney can help you get your finances back in order and make sure you come out ahead to provide for you and your family.  

The Revolution of The Modern Vehicle Explained 

Henry Ford’s Model T introduced to the masses a revolutionary form of transportation that transformed the lives of millions of people in the country. Suddenly it allowed people to move faster, achieve more and allow upward mobility without the expense of operating a slow-moving and expensive horse and carriage. But it came a price. 

Even with all of the safety features we enjoy today in modern vehicles such as seat belts, airbags, antilock brakes, traction control, lane assist, and more, automobile accidents still happen and motorists are still badly injured. 

Many factors make filing car accident claims complex: injuries can be devastatingly painful and permanent, accident scenes are immediately cleaned up, evidence can be damaged or lost, and witness memory fades over time as they, too, resume their day-to-day activities. It’s for these reasons it’s important you talk to an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer quickly after an accident. 

Denver, CO Uses An “At-Fault” City and State Rule System | Affordable Car Wreck Injury Law Firm Lawyer 

“At-fault” drivers are who were negligent, reckless, or intentionally negligent and reckless will be responsible for your damages. Even if you ‘think’ you may have played a role in the accident, don’t jump to conclusions just yet – your memory may be foggy on the details and naturally you don’t have all the information at your disposal to give a full account of what happened at the accident scene.   

Drivers are never in the best position to know who’s truly at-fault given the speed at which it happens. Remember, most drivers drive unconsciously and are not always aware of the finer details. If you speak too soon you could be held liable for being ‘at-fault’ even if you weren’t. It’s always best to allow insurance companies, lawyers, and the courts figure out all the legalities and liabilities in question. 

How To Collect Critical Evidence At The Scene of A Car Accident | Professional Auto Vehicle Accident Law Firm Lawyer 

Witness Testimonies – Vehicle occupants and anyone nearby may have seen the collision and part of or the whole crash. If you are at all able to gather their contact information and statements detailing what they saw and who was responsible, it will be to your advantage. 

Photograph Evidence – Get great, high-quality photographs of the scene of the accident that shows the damage and positions of the vehicles in the aftermath of the collision. Also, get photos of any tire marks and other debris that will help indicate the trajectory of the vehicle prior to the accident. Be sure to take photos or have photos taken of all of your injuries, bruises, cuts, scars, etc. You can ‘never’ take too many photo’s. If you think it’s redundant or inconsequential, it could be the one that helps prove your case the fastest.  

Police Reports – Phone the police from the accident scene and give them your version of the story and what took place. This will be put in writing and authenticated by other police offers. 

Insurance Company Reports – File your insurance claim with your insurance company and that of the persons who caused the accident. As mentioned earlier, avoid mentioning any sensitive details about the accident itself until your lawyer has all the facts and evidence at his or her fingertips to help you make the right statement. 

Medical Records and Billing – Don’t wait for any potential injuries to ‘heal itself’. Seek medical attention without delay. A doctor will be able to validate your injury claims from the crash that can later be used to prove your non-involvement during negotiations or trial. 

Film and Video Evidence – See if there were any red-light intersection cameras around that may have recorded the accident and get a full copy of it in your possession. Also, check to see if any passersby were filming at the time of the accident and get video documentation of the entire crash to go along with your photo evidence. 

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