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Car accidents happen in an instant without a moment’s notice. It’s sudden, unexpected, and wrought with a number of physical, financial, and emotional burdens that impact a victim’s life for months, years, decades, even life, and some never fully recover.  

AT Legacy Law Group, our skilled car accident lawyers are professionally trained to help vehicle crash victims recover the lives they had pre-accident. With our decades of cumulative knowledge and resources at our fingertips, we can help build the strongest case possible and pursue the maximum recovery for all of your current and pending medical expenses, property damage, wage losses, pain and suffering, and much more. 

Here’s How Colorado’s Accident Insurance Settlements Work In Reality 

Colorado’s time limit – or Statute of Limitations – for filing a vehicle accident claim is cut and dry: three years for vehicle accidents. This is simply measured from the time of the accident. If three years sounds like plenty of time to settle a claim, think again.  

Most people never factor in the time it takes file an insurance claim, having that claim reviewed, claim denials, claim rebuttals, counter-offers, and more. When dealing with the law system you’ll learn quickly there’s a lot of politics involved to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome. It’s rarely cut and dry even if the evidence is insurmountable. 

The Average Automobile Accident Settlement and Damages Amount Varies In Colorado 

There is no ‘average’ settlement amount as it varies wildly from case to case depending on each victim’s unique situation and circumstances. A fender bender will yield far less in damages than a drunk driver killing an entire family of four. In other words, generally, the worst the accident and its outcome, the more money a victim can claim in damages. This reality is certainly nothing to hope for nor look forward to as no amount of money can replace your life or that of a loved one. 

When agreeing to a pre-determined settlement, all parties involved and their attorneys consider the following: coverage maximums (whatever the maximums were the at-fault drivers coverage is what will be paid out as a limit), vehicle repairs, medical expenses (past and future), pain and suffering, and lost income from time away from work. 

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The foundation of our practice is fundamentally built upon the shoulders of providing excellent legal representation to injured car accident victims. We are *meticulous*, thorough and detailed in our investigations from start to finish and tenacious when entering negotiations with insurance companies. 

If necessary to take your case to trial (rare), you can count on our skilled and strategic approach to move your case forward through the laborious legal system *on our dime*. In other words, you don’t pay us a single penny for our services until we are able to settle your case in your favor out of court and put a check in your hand to cash. 

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