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Traffic accidents are historically complex, especially when several vehicles are involved. We understand you or your loved ones are upset, stressed, tired, and hemorrhaging funds you don’t have to take care of doctor visits, bills, and other expenses as a result of forced absence from work. 

This is why you need a caring, compassionate, honest, experienced and skilled attorney with a backbone and strength of character. Legacy Law Offices aim to make this entire legal process as pain-free for you and your family as possible.  

But be warned… 

…the FIRST encounter you’ll have with insurance companies usually involves a covert attempt to either deny your claim, minimalize your claim, or prove you were at-fault. Bottom-line, dealing with insurance is a nightmare. They’re prepared to use their legal force to bully you into accepting a lower than acceptable settlement or lead you to believe they’re doing ‘you’ a favor by not taking you to court. It’s no job for any one person to handle alone. 

You need an advocate by your side who will represent and speak on your behalf to ensure you’re getting a fair deal all the way around. Sign NOTHING. DO nothing. And SAY nothing. They will use whatever tricks up their sleeve to destroy your credibility and they will do so under the guise of “giving you a helping hand”. Keep reading below to learn your rights and defend yourself against sneaky behavior. 

Here’s What You Do IMMEDIATELY After Your Accident | Traffic Accident Legal Counsel Assistance Help 

A car accident can leave you dazed, confused, panicky and anxious, but there’s no time more important to be calm and sensible than now. There are a few things you need to do after the accident to tie up a few loose ends and improve your situation. These things improve your odds of getting and/or increasing your settlement amount or winning a case if necessary. The following is what we highly recommend you immediately: 

Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Yesterday 

Most people consider a minor cut, bruise, or brief bout of unconsciousness to be of no threat, but a professional medical team can look beyond what’s visible to the naked eye to see if that cut could lead to a staph infection, if that bruise damaged internal organs, or if that brief unconsciousness was a mild concussion or whiplash which is sure to give you a series of problems later down the line. 

Not only do they prevent larger problems from materializing in the future, medical statements help support your compensation claims. 

Gather Key Information 

You need to gather as much information as possible including the number of vehicles involved in the accident, names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information of the other driver(s). The same holds true for gathering witness information to help prove your case and collaborate your claims. 

File An Incident Report 

Police incident reports are CRUCIAL. They’re the official stamp of approval along with obtaining medical records that typically go unchallenged during negotiations. Police are neutral parties with no stake in the matter. They write down what they see, what they did, and everything else in-between from an objective point of view to help support your injury claims. 

Document The Accident Scene 

If able, take as many photos as you possibly can of all vehicles involved, injuries, and accident location. Also, photograph and/or film any and all contributing factors that caused the accident such as beer bottles lying on the street, obscured traffic signs, faulty traffic signal, sinkhole, pothole, and so on. 

Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL When Speaking With An Insurance Adjuster 

NEVER volunteer detailed information about the accident to an insurance adjuster. Even a simple, “I’m fine” can be used to disqualify your injury claims against them because they RECORD conversations prior to making that first call. They want you to come as close to admitting fault as possible to either dismiss your claim entirely or reduce your financial benefits significantly. Say VERY little. Be polite and decline to answer any questions other than providing the most basic of details such as your name, address, etc. Everything else refer them back to your lawyer. 

Contact An Experienced Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

After you’ve accomplished all of the above, promptly contact us to help you navigate through the legal terrain and learn what your rights are with proper representation. Having a good lawyer by your side only makes your recovery process easier and keeps you out of financial pitfalls that typically plague many “do-it-yourselfers”. 

While Others Turn Your Case Away, We Secure Your Settlement Check Today | Get A Car and Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer and Attorney 

Fort Worth and the communities that surround it are flooded with attorneys practicing personal injury law chasing after car accident cases to make a ‘quick buck’. However, if you’re thinking about retaining a Fort Worth car accident lawyer to take care of your automobile accident case, the short list of skilled, competent and experienced lawyers is razor thin. 

At The Legacy Firm, our attorneys are significantly experienced in handling auto accident claims and lawsuits on our clients behalf, and we have the results to prove it.  

Our auto accident injury lawyers have decades of combined experience negotiating with insurance companies and, if need be, taking cases to trial. We are both tenacious in the court room, yet compassionate and empathetic with our clients. We know what it takes to win. 

If you are interested in through, fast, professional and friendly service, contact us today to speak with any one of our firms’ partners or attorneys to discuss your case in detail – at zero cost to you. Insurance adjusters take us very seriously, knowing that when we file a claim we will go the distance to prove fault in search of full compensation you are rightfully entitled to. So, don’t delay, contact The Legacy Law Firm today.