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The Grand Rapids Attorneys at Legacy Car Accident Lawyers want drivers to be at their safest on the road. However, Grand Rapids has some of the most dangerous traffic and congestion in the state of Michigan and we know that car accidents are a fact of life, especially in fairly large metropolitan cities like Grand Rapids. 

It’s no secret that car crashes are the fourth (4th) leading cause of death in the United States of America accounting for roughly 5.2 percent of all deaths in the country. The odds of fatality in a car crash, though very “low”, it’s a blessing you are still here to ‘tell the tale’ and be compensated fairly for lost time and wages at work, emotional distress, bodily harm and negligence on the part of those parties responsible for your predicament.  

That’s where Legacy Lawyers step into the picture to ensure you receive what is fairly and righteously due to you in the form of financial compensation. We know that if you could turn back the hands of time and have your way, you would’ve taken a different turn or followed your ‘hunch’, but the past is where it’s at and the future has yet to materialize. We want to make sure you and your family can move forward and have a brighter reality. 

Connect with us to guarantee you’re not stuck with the responsibility of paying for someone else’s terrible mistake. Let us work on your behalf to bring them to justice on their negligent irresponsible behavior today! 

First, let’s discuss insurance and what it means for a Michigan driver. 

Michigan Car Insurance Requirements (No-Fault Insurance)  And What You Need To Know To Protect Your Rights

Every insured driver in Michigan is entitled to receive no-fault insurance benefits after a motor vehicle accident. Pedestrians, bicyclist and vehicle passengers also qualify for these benefits. 

There are several benefits you can receive post-accident including unlimited medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care services, household services, transportation expenses, home and vehicle modifications, and survivor lost benefits in the event of death.  

There are STRICT deadlines for filing no-fault insurance claims. Miss a deadline and you forfeit your rights to receive payments forever.  

Our award-winning lawyers help people like you after a car accident every day. When you choose our law firm we take care of everything from start to finish. We will prepare the forms, file your claims, and make sure the insurance company’s pay your benefits on time. Without a lawyer you can expect an insurance adjuster to delay, stall and deny your payments. 

For your free, immediate, no-obligation case review call Legacy Law Firm today. 

Here Are The 5 Critical Factors That Determines Your Auto Negligence Settlement and Compensation 

If you’re dealing with any of the following post-accident factors, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement: 

Pain, Suffering, Fright, Shock and Psychological Injuries 

You are entitled to be compensated for any pain, suffering, fright, shock and/or psychological injuries (e.g., night terrors, post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result of the accident now and into the future. 

Scars & Permanent Disfigurements 

Scars and disfigurements resulting from the accident can be compensated because of the public scrutiny or social stigma associated which can deeply affected public image, appearances and even work prospects, especially on the face, neck and arms where the body, when clothed, is most visible. 

Disability from Work & Activities 

Losing employment time, not being able to do your favorite hobbies or engage in recreational activities that brings personal pleasure (e.g., not being able to dance any longer due to disabled leg joints or sing any longer due to a damaged spinal cord or larynx) is devastating to your lifestyle. 

Loss of Income & Wages 

Self-explanatory. You may recover lost wages from the pre and post-accident. 

Bystander Claims 

You may be compensated for witnessing a family member hurt, injured or killed during an accident. 

Death (Wrongful Death Lawsuit)

If the breadwinner of the family is significantly injured or killed, you’re entitled to compensation for the duration of the natural life of the victim. Other stipulations apply. 

What Are The Most Common Michigan Car Accident Injuries? 

The most common accidents are rear-ending, side swipes, inter-sectional, running red lights and other traffic stops, rollovers, hit and runs, drunk driving and other drug influences, vehicle defects (tires flying off cars and trucks), road construction, head on collisions (e.g., wrong way drivers), speeding, distractions (texting, cell phone talking, tiredness, etc.). 

Here’s How Our Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Vehicle Accident Case 

Our clients count on our expertise, proven track record and high-level of skill to come out ‘victorious’ in their cases with the highest possible settlements ‘without’ ever having to go before a judge to make your case. 


Our reputation amongst many insurance companies and their attorneys as the “Winningest Auto Injury Lawyers in Grand Rapids” with up to 95% of all our trial cases going in our client’s favor makes our team a force to be reckoned with. 

Therefore, insurance attorneys figure, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. Against us, if they take the case to trial not only will they lose 9 times out of 10, they lose much more in the eyes of the public (good faith), credibility, integrity, and steeper costs associated with taking on the trial rather than settling with you for a lump sum payment. 

Here at Legacy we mean business and with our winning record, insurance companies will be happy to settle with you for a nice, “fat” check. 

Why Should You Call The Best Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Today? 

Although you don’t need a lawyer to settle your claim, there *many* pitfalls you’ll inevitably face without the experience of one of our skilled attorneys by your side.  

Unless you, yourself, are an experienced vehicle accident lawyer, the insurance adjuster will likely ‘swindle’ you out of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience dealing with such complicated cases.  

They can pressure you to relinquish your no-fault insurance benefits by signing a ‘release’. You could discover liens that must be paid back out of your meager settlement. You could be significantly low-balled on your settlement if you were to do it on your own. Or in the worst-case scenario, you could be bullied into believing ‘you’ were at-fault and pressures of dealing with the case which can drag on for years will cripple your will-power and resolved to continue. 

Insurance companies KNOW our reputation and that we mean BUSINESS and are not keen to playing all of these silly games. Either they give us what we demand for our clients or we take them to the cleaners. As a result, we settle cases FASTER and for much higher payouts than most any other car accident law firm in the city of Grand Rapids.