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Automotive vehicle accidents are part of daily life. They are among the most common causes of serious injury and death in North America each year despite advancements in technology and safety. It is no surprise vehicle accident claims and lawsuits are the most common civil tort cases filed by attorneys every day. 

If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured a Indianapolis car accident, you could qualify to pursue legal action and seek compensation for damages, losses, pain and suffering endured. To get the most out of your personal injury settlement, you’ll need the assistance of a dedicated and motivated Indianapolis car accident lawyer by your side. 

The Skinny About Indiana’s Vehicle Insurance Law “EXPLAINED 

The state of Indiana follows “at-fault rules in regards to vehicle accident and insurance policy coverage. Under this system, the driver at fault is liable for all losses and damages accumulated both for self, the other driver, and all other parties that may be involved. This gives the injured party more options to recover damages. 

The injured party has three choices: 1. Make a claim against our own insurance company, 2. Make a claim against the ‘at-fault’ drivers insurance company, or 3. File a lawsuit against the ‘at-fault’ driver. 

Indiana residents must carry liability insurance to legally operate their vehicle. The following is the MINIMUM coverage mandated by Indiana law as follows: 

$25,000 for bodily injury per person – $50,000 for bodily injury for multiple people per accident – $10,000 for property damage per accident – $50,000 in uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. 

You should be aware that minimum insurance coverage may not sufficiently cover all of your expenses in the event of an accident. It’s always recommended to purchase additional coverage to cover your bases and increase your protection to either make a claim or protect you against a claim so you never come out of pocket to cover your damages or, if at-fault, to cover someone else’s. 

The Truth About Car Accident Settlements | Should You Settle Yourself or With A Skilled Professional Lawyer? 

Some accident victims choose to settle claims by themselves without legal representation to avoid paying an attorney a percentage of their final settlement. Though true, what they *do* pay in exchange is *TIME*, energy, effort, haggling, being low-balled and being dragged through the mud before an initial settlement.  

You would essentially have to learn how to “be” your own lawyer, know the laws, know your rights, and do it all before you run out of time to file your lawsuit claim. 

In comparison, our top attorneys spent nearly a decade just “studying” law before being licensed to practice it. That’s how intensely complicated the entire legal process can be. It’s not as simple as a “Google search”. It takes real study, time and commitment you may not have as you handle all of the other aspects of getting your life back together. 

However, if you are intent on saving some money, no one’s stopping you. You are free to represent yourself if you feel you can get the same settlement results we routinely get for our clients on your own. It’s extremely rare for the average victim to get the maximum compensation he deserves unless he or she himself are practicing attorneys. 

We don’t take every case and we do acknowledge some people are better off settling a case on their own if there was very little damage (fender bender) and no medical injuries. From experience, it’s usually best in most situations to consult an attorney for his or her professional opinion on the matter. 

Here are a few more issues “pro se” (Latin term for “on one’s own”) plaintiffs encounter: 

Unreasonable Insurance Company Loyalty 

Many victims assume that because they’ve been loyal customers over the years their insurance company will remain loyal to them and pay out a fair settlement willingly.  


Insurance companies are a business first and will take advantage of every opportunity they can to deny or underpay your claim. 

Settling For LESS 

Many victims settle for the first offer an insurance company makes with the occasional counter demand. An experienced attorney knows the ‘true’ value of your case and will fight to bring you the most value from your case. It’s a statistical fact that with a strong legal team by your side insurance companies will think twice before making us an insulting offer on your behalf.  

Falsely Assuming The Case Will Settle Quietly and Avoid Trial 

Victims naively assume their case will settle with no effort. Just sign a few papers and receive a check in the mail. Reality, however, paints a different picture. While true most cases DO settle, yours “could” be the one that doesn’t.  

This could be a huge problem if you haven’t taken the time to properly prepare your notes, documents, and evidence material because you were banking on settling out of court during negotiations. And unless you are a skilled trial attorney in the court room with years of experience to fight your own case before a judge or jury, you will lose. Guaranteed.  

When a victim reaches this breaking point and has to go to trial ‘late in the game’, he or she makes it 10x more difficult for even the BEST trial attorney to present your case if you hire him much later after your accident took place. 

In conclusion… 

…these are just some of the risk you will assume if you ‘pro se’. We don’t discourage our clients from choosing this option, but it’s only right we warn you of the dangers of choosing this option. 

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