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Here at Legacy Car Accident Lawyer, we’d like to help you by giving you answers to the most common questions we’d like to answer in regards to your case review below: 

Why Do So Many People Feel Apprehensive About Speaking With A Lansing Vehicle Lawyer? 

A lot of people are worried. They’re worried they’re going to be bothering ‘us’ or creating some type of responsibility they’re afraid they can’t handle, but you’re not alone in this.  

What we’d so much rather you do is pick up the phone if you have a question and call and speak to one of the lawyers at our offices for free advice instead of making a terrible, catastrophic mistake that may really affect you. 

What Risks Could Be Avoided By Speaking With An Auto Accident Attorney? 

Sometimes there’s a deadline where you have to contact your insurance company by a certain date from the time of accident… 

…and people MISS that DATE because they’re afraid to pick up the phone and call where it’s a simple 5-second question where we could help you and make sure you receive your Michigan No-Fault benefits.  

We see avoidable situations like this time and time again where people, for whatever reason due to politeness, feeling embarrassed, being worried about talking to a lawyer where they think they’ll be pressured into some sort of contract or fee, and you shouldn’t. 

Our lawyers are here all the time in case you do have questions so we can help you to avoid making terrible mistakes 

What Do The Attorneys of Legacy Car Accident Review During An Initial Consultation? 

If you’re contacting us for the first time what we always like to do is take a couple of minutes and explain Michigan law to you. People always think they have only one case, but in Michigan you have THREE (3) different cases.  

The first case is with your own insurance company for your Michigan no-fault insurance benefits which includes your medical bills, wage losses, placement services, medical mileage anytime you go to or from any doctor or hospital and depending on the extent and severity of your injuries, Michigan attendant care. 

Do keep in mind, there are SEVERLY STRICT TIME DEADLINES for filing Michigan car accident lawsuits. If you miss your window of opportunity it could have devastating financial repercussions. 

Your second case is against the wrong doer driver; the person who caused your injuries and pain and suffering. 

And then you have your third case for your vehicle damage covered by a law called the Michigan Mini-Tort. The lawyers in our office can help you file and settle claims with all three. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car Accident Attorney? 

We work on a contingency-fee basis which means we are not paid for our services until you settle with a check out of court. Under such an arrangement, we cover all case expenses and other related fees on your behalf and receive a percentage of the settlement at the end of the case. Michigan law dictates a maximum contingency percentage of 33.33% of the net settlement.  

Though it may be ‘tempting’ to go with lawyers offering to settle your case for low percentages, they will also settle ‘quickly’ for much lower than what you ‘could’ get. Their goal is to settle quickly so they earn a quick fee. They have to do it this way to cover expenses, bills, and salaries with a high-turnover. The lower the fee your offered, the higher the turn-over of your case and the less you could receive upon settlement.