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Car wrecks immediately change a victim’s life in the blink of an eye. It takes but a fraction of a second to go from thinking about the barista making your favorite cup of coffee to calling a lawyer to file for a wrecked vehicle, bruises, broken bones, lost wages and pain and suffering.  

To make matters worse, bills continue to pill up monthly without regard to your inability to function normally. We understand you did all you could to stay sharp and alert on the road. Sometimes a drunk driver, drowsy motorist, or chronic texter can catch you off guard and cause an accident. And knowing what to do next can be stressful as one person says “Do this”, and another says, “Do that”, when the only thing you should rely on is legal counsel and a good attorney with experience dealing with so many moving pieces. 

Don’t blame yourself for what happened. It’s not your fault. You deserve compensation for such careless actions. But getting it will be a fight. That’s where we come in. That’s why you need Legacy Law Firm on your side, standing up for the little person. 

Here’s How Motor Vehicle Accidents Work In Lubbock, Texas 

Witness statements, police reports, photographs and/or film, and other key pieces of evidence are EXTREMELY important. So important that it alone determines an insurance company’s willingness to settle quickly as well as the amount they are willing to settle for. 

Some Insurance companies may attempt to persuade you to sign a release form preventing you from filing more claims in the future related to the same accident. However, we do NOT advise you sign these forms until you are certain beyond a reasonable doubt the settlement amount will not only cover your present damages, but future damages, too. It’s difficult to gauge the future impact of an accident without professional consultation to help you prepare for its financial requirements. 

It is ILLEGAL, according to Texas law, for insurance companies to ‘withhold settlement payments’ to pressure you to sign a release according to the Texas Law Insurance Code – Sec. 541.060. 

Got A Case? Let’s Set The Record Straight Today | Get Car Crash Injury Legal Counsel Assistance and Help 

Generally, the more serious the injury the stronger your case. Also, the higher the medical bills, lost wages from work and pain and suffering, the larger your settlement amount. 

The longer you wait to start your claim, the more challenging it will be to secure a fair settlement for damages you or your loved ones suffered. To get the ball moving as fast as possible and increase your odds of success, work with Legacy Law, LLP. We are considered one of top (STATE) personal injury law firms. We settle our cases before trial 99% of the time. Simply contact us to schedule your free “No Pressure – No Hassle” consultation today.