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Evidence preservation to support your claim is essential to increasing the odds of successfully settling your case. Evidence collection should be the number #1 priority undertaken by your attorney of choice as soon as possible. 

In cases where injuries and other damages does not affect the victim for several months, years, or a lifetime, we may be able to settle on your behalf within a few months. In more serious circumstances – such as spinal cord, disfiguring, or traumatic brain injuries and injuries resulting in amputation, burns, scars, or other forms of permanent damage – the case will likely take longer to resolve as compensation factors in long-term effects. 

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Lynn, Massachusetts Vehicle Crash Settlement Process and Timeline 

Massachusetts is known for its rich, vibrant history with beautiful areas like Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, attracting thousands of tourists each year. But due to the recent influx of new comers coming in from all over the country, car crashes are bound to happen. Read on to learn more. 

Lynn, MA Applies A Rare “No-Fault” Rule To Insurance Claims 

Massachusetts ‘no-fault’ rules mandates that if you were found to be in an accident you must first seek compensation from your own insurance policy underwriter for personal injury damages before seeking damages against the other driver or his or her insurance company. Unless you meet the certain conditions set by Massachusetts law, you cannot file a lawsuit against another under the no-fault rules. 

These conditions upon which you can venture outside of the states no-fault rules apply only if: (1) You have been subject to a minimum of $2,000 worth of reasonable medical expenses, and (2) your injuries have led to permanent or serious flaws, scars or deformation, broken bones, or significant loss of hearing or sight. 

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Our skilled and tenacious lawyers are not afraid to put on their best boxing gloves and enter the ring to fight ‘tooth-and-nail’ on your behalf to get you the justice and fair compensation you deserve.  

We start planning and formulating our strategy the moment a case comes through the door. We spare no expense hiring the top experts and professionals and utilize cutting-edge technology to our advantage as a persuasive tool. As a result, personal injury verdicts we obtain are typically double, triple, even quadruple the settlement offers initially made by ‘stingy’ insurance companies and ‘miserly’ government policies. 

We believe every defendant case has a weakness; a flaw. Our job is to expose it, put pressure on it, exploit it, and settle it. Contact us today to share your case with us for a free evaluation.