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If able you must provide any reasonable assistance to any injured persons on the scene of the crash. Once everyone is safe and sound, exchange all pertinent information such as names, addresses, registrations, and social security numbers with the other drivers. Also, be sure to take the names and contact information from any witnesses who may have seen the accident take place, document weather and road conditions, and take pictures of all vehicles involved. 

According to Sec. 484E.030 of Nevada’s state legislation code, if cops are not present, you are responsible for reporting the accident to the nearest police station or Nevada Highway Patrol office. Lastly, according to Sec. 484E.070, in the unlikelihood the accident was not investigated by police and it involved injuries, death, or property damage exceeding $750, you must file a formal police report within 10 days. 

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When it comes down to car crash liability, Nevada is a “fault” state meaning either driver can sue or be sued for personal injuries, property damage or ‘both’. State law dictates each driver carries a MINIMUM of $15,000/person for bodily injury r death; $30,000 for injury or death; and $10,000 for any damaged property according to Sec. 485.185. 

When you’re in a safe location post-accident, we recommend you file your insurance claim with your insurance company as quickly as possible to avoid missing the deadline to file your claim.  

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The injured party agrees to a set amount of compensation from the insurance company or other driver on the condition that the injured party gives up his or her right to pursue any further legal action related in any way to the accident. Terms and conditions vary wildly according to what each party is willing to settle for in addition to what evidence – such as witness testimony, police reports, pictures, objects and other forms of documentation – is presented before both parties and, if need be, before a judge or jury, to make a claim.  

Nevada FORBIDS insurance companies from engaging in underhanded tactics and deceptive practices to stall a claim or bully the injured into unfavorable terms. However, you must remember that an insurance company’s main priority is to look out for their own best interest first, their clients second.  

Often times they’ll corner you with an enticing offer. Usually it’s a lump-sum settlement of money much larger than the client is accustomed to having at one time. Don’t be fooled. Whatever they’re offering typically means they know, with a good lawyer, you could settle for 3x – 7x the value of their initial settlement offer. 

Before signing any release form, it’s best to consult with one our car accident attorneys to guarantee you’re getting the best deal because once the settlement is made, you can ever go back and seek for more damages. Dot your “I”‘s and cross your “t”‘s.