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Did you know automobile crashes are the leading cause of death in America with nearly 3,000,000 injuries and roughly 40,000 deaths on average per year?   

In Texas, on average 3,000+ people parish in automobile accidents on Texas highways, roads and intersections according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; thousands more suffer from minor to serious debilitating injuries. 

If you were recently involved in an accident and you’re here now searching for legal assistance, you have much to be grateful. If in the unfortunate event someone you know involved in an accident is deceased, at Legacy Law we offer superior legal guidance protecting the rights of Texans and their families in single or multi-car pile-up accidents, passenger injuries, pedestrian hit and run’s, or a collision with uninsured drivers. 

You could be entitled to payments for personal injury or wrongful death. We know dealing with finances and legal matters is the *last* thing anyone who was just involved in a serious accident wants to deal with. So, let us take care of your medical and/or funeral expenses, physical pain and emotional suffering, lost wages, and punitive damages. 

San Angelo’s Average Vehicle Accident Settlement 

Each case is unique, therefore it’s impossible to pinpoint any one settlement you may be entitled to receive. There are, however, a few factors you may want to consider in helping you determine your potential settlement amount with the following questions: 

How severe are your injuries? What were your medical expenses? What did you lose from past and future wages? Did you cause or help cause the accident? What type of insurance do you and the other drive have prior the accident? How much evidence and what documentation are you able to provide? How skilled is you or your attorney’s ability to argue your case? 

These questions and more determine what the final compensation will be. It’s not so “cut and dry” as there are a lot of moving factors that determines the final outcome. This is why it’s important you retain an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the court system to help navigate its murky waters. 

In San Angelo, Texas, You Have Up To Two Years To File A Vehicle Accident Lawsuit 

If you and the insurance company fail to work out a mutual settlement, you will have to file a lawsuit for damages. The deadline – also known as “statute of limitations – for filing for personal injury or property damages is two years from the date of the accident. Some victims may attempt to seek a settlement on their own without an attorney, but to go to trial acting as one’s own attorney is highly unrecommended. 

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The vehicle accident attorneys at Legacy Lawyers have decades of combined experience, skill and knowledge along with a verifiable track record of helping people who have been hurt or injured in an accident recover the funds entitled to them.  

Contact us immediately for a free consultation to find out what benefits you may be eligible to receiving. We have a “No Fee” policy which means that we do not charge for our services until we recover settlement compensation for your pain and suffering.