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Thousands of people are tangled up in car accidents each year in the state of California. Some high impact collisions result in permeant injuries or death, while others are harmed in minor fender benders resulting in mild cases of whiplash or concussions. Los Angeles is fairly crowded and congested to where driving is almost a pre-requisite to living and working here. If you or a loved one has been harmed or injured in any way due to an accident, depending on who is at-fault according to California law, you could be entitled to a significant settlement. 

Legacy Law Firm is one of the few top premier vehicular accident firms serving clients throughout all of Los Angeles. We have a number of experienced attorneys with a well-rounded reputation for fighting hard against insurance companies and their onslaught of hired attorneys to put a settlement check in your hands. While you rest and recover from your injuries, we work diligently behind-the-scenes to bring justice to those involved and responsible for their negligence. 

Our mission is to hold negligent drivers solely responsible for their carelessness and irresponsibility leading up to and causing the accident to keep our roads and highways safer for everyone. 

The Most Common Causes Of San Francisco Motor Vehicle Crashes 

If you were involved in any of the following other driver errors, you may be entitled to a claim and settlement which includes: speeding, driving under the influence (drugs or alcohol), distractions, wrong turns, vehicle defects, driver fatigue, reckless driving, ignoring traffic signs and signals, road construction, and bad weather conditions. 

The Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Victims Make When Filing A Car Accident Injury Insurance Claim 

People who don’t hire our truck accident attorney law firm to settle car accident insurance claims are bound to make costly mistakes.  

For example, some victims speak directly to the opposing insurance company. It’s a nice gesture, but this is a big ‘no-no’. Doing so is like giving your enemy ammo to load his weapon because they’re far less concerned about you and your well-being and more on boosting their bottom-line.  

During a state of distress, you’re bound to unintentionally give incorrect, or false, recorded statements which can then be used against you in the court of law to invalidate your claims entirely regardless of fault.  

Another common mistake is failing to gather enough information at the scene of the accident. Sometimes, people fail to call law enforcement, or demand insurance information from the at-fault driver. Failure during this process makes it 10x more difficult to conduct a proper investigation and prove your case for a settlement claim.  

Another huge mistake is a victim’s refusal to seek medical treatment. In most car accidents, people leave ‘unharmed’, but there could be internal issues and damage unseen and unfelt during the time of the accident due to high levels of adrenaline. If you don’t receive proper treatment, even if you ‘feel’ fine initially, and something manifest later such as “whiplash”, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), back problems, etc., insurance companies can deny your injuries existed as a result of the accident. No one looks forward to going to a Doctor, but in the event of an accident, he or she will be your best friend and source of proof in the court of law. 

How To Prove Other Driver Negligence In A California Automobile Accident 

In order to successfully win a claim, you must first prove the following elements of negligence in the state of California: 

  1. The other driver had a fiduciary responsibility to operate his or her vehicle safely.
  2. The other driver transgressed that duty 
  3. The drivers’ actions were the cause of the accident taking place 
  4. The accident is a direct correlation to your injuries and monetary losses 

Additionally, if an accident is the result of a road defect, inoperable streetlights, or a bad traffic signal, you may be able to seek legal recourse against the responsible city, county, or state agency. However, before filing a lawsuit you must file a claim notice with the appropriate government agency within 6 months of your injury.  

Lastly, if an accident is a result of a mechanical defect, you may qualify to file a product liability lawsuit against the negligent automaker or distributor responsible. 

Regardless of the cause of accident, you can count on the attorneys at Legacy Law Firm to recover the maximum allowable amount in damages for your case. Most people are unaware just how antagonistic the other drivers’ insurance company and even YOUR insurance company is against you when it comes time to actually use the insurance you’ve been paying monthly premiums faithfully.  

Fortunately, most claims are resolved amicably through a very intricate and detailed negotiation process behind-the-scenes that doesn’t involve the court. If the opposing party ‘insist’ on further legal action, we are prepared to go the distance, win the case on the stand and reap further rewards for the trouble of taking it to court. Most insurance companies who know our reputation as one of the winningest law firms in the city are happy to “get us out of their hair and off of their backs” and settle so both parties can move forward in life. 

We use our legal knowledge, skill, and superior negotiating skills as leverage to secure the highest settlement possible with no fuss. We work tirelessly to ensure you are fairly compensated for all losses including wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional and psychological distress, and any future medical or financial assistance you may need to help you continue the recovering process. 

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