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We understand that you are here because you or someone you know suffered a major vehicular injury. We empathize with your situation and encourage you to seek out professional legal advice to properly proceed through the filing requirements to ensure you are fairly compensated for injuries and damages sustained from the accident. 

Failure to do so or if an injury is unsatisfactorily documented by gathering eye witness accounts, taking photos, or receiving proper medical care, the chances of you recovering damages could be lost forever while you’re stuck with the bill. And being stuck with medical liabilities are no laughing matter. They can reach well into the mid 6-figures and beyond depending on the state and condition of the injured. 

You have more at stake if you don’t seek professional advice from a Savannah automobile accident lawyer. 

Get To Know Georgia’s Vehicle Automobile Motorcycle Truck Car Insurance Laws 

Georgia requires ‘every’ resident driver to carry the minimum liability coverage which is: 

$25,000 in coverage for the injury or death of one individual (you, a passenger, another driver, or pedestrian) – $50,000 in coverage for more than one victim in a singular accident – $25,000 in total property damage coverage. 

Fact of the matter is neither party wants to spend years of their life fighting over a claim, preparing a case, and possibly losing at trial in court. Most cases settle during negotiations for this reason. We can help you receive a guaranteed higher payout with our retainer services (you don’t pay for our services until a check is mailed to your doorstep) and avoid the costly courtroom battle procedures. 

You Have Only THIS Much Time To File A Proper Lawsuit In Georgia… 

Georgia’s deadline – or statute of limitations – for filing a personal injury vehicle accident lawsuit is two years from the time of the accident and four years if you’re filling for property damage. When people meet their deadline without filing a claim, often times it’s too late and no amount of lawyering can bring back your case. It’s important to make sure you retain a competent lawyering service to ensure you get every penny you deserve. 

Let’s Settle Your Case TODAY | Get An Affordable Car Wreck Injury Lawyer and Attorney 

We believe every client is unique, and we treat you as such. Our compassionate and talented Savannah personal injury attorneys will put together a plan of action custom tailored to suit your case and needs. 

At Legacy you can rest easy knowing we will take care of your case on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay *nothing* to get your case started. Instead, we collect our fee for our services when we successfully settle your claim with the insurance company directly or out of court. 

Contact us now for your FREE CONSULTATION. There is ZERO PRESSURE to retain us for our services. We want you to make a smart, informed decision on which direction you wish to take your case.