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The following details each stage of a personal injury lawsuit, from injury to potential trial, to give you a glimpse of what a typical claim process looks like. Each case, of course, is different, but the following stages gives an accurate perspective on what you can expect when working with us. 

STAGE #1: Call An Attorney 

Here you consult directly with one of our personal injury attorneys for professional advice on whether you have a persuasive valid claim. If so be prepared to back up your claim with supporting documents such as police reports, medical records, written/verbal testimony’s (if any), and personal notes you’ve taken about your case. 

Remember, you have the RIGHT to a FREE consultation. Avoid attorneys who try to ‘rope’ you into paying consultation or visitation fees. 

STAGE #2: Investigate and Research Your Case 

If you decide we are best fit to lead your case to a satisfactory conclusion, we will proceed to research your case and arbitrate the degree of damages and injuries suffered. 

We will contact insurance companies of both parties and possibly the attorney defending the person(s) who injured you. We will keep you informed and up-to-date of any negotiations and major developments throughout the process. 

STAGE #3: Claim Your Settlement and End Your Case Prior To Lawsuit 

Your attorney will start negotiations with the other party’s insurance company to reach a monetary agreement.  

You will be informed of any offers on the table and advised on whether you should accept or decline. Ultimately, it’s your choice to accept or settle. 

Most cases are ‘settled’ at this stage prior to a lawsuit. If an agreement can not satisfy both parties, your attorney will move forward to the fourth stage. 

STAGE #4: File A Court Lawsuit 

After a lawsuit is successfully filed before a judge, he or she will set deadlines for each phase – Compliant and Answer, Discovery, and Motions – of the process. Depending on case complexity this process from start to finish can take several months to several years. 

STAGE #3: We Go To Trial 

This stage involves both party’s presenting their arguments before a judge and jury who then decides if the defendant is liable and the damages the defendant must pay if found guilty. 

Mediation may be requested any time during this process to enter negotiations to settle. 

STAGE #3: Post Trial Appeals and Financial Disbursements 

If the court turns in your favor, the defendant may appeal to a higher court to reconsider the case. If so, settlement payments will be withheld until then. Also, your attorney is required to pay all liens associated to you out of a special escrow account before payment distribution if the defendant decides ‘not’ to appeal. 

When all outside parties are payed, your attorney will write you a check. Case closed. 

Contact us now for a FREE consultation by phone and we will review the facts and determine if you have a solid case.