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Car Accidents

Believe it or not, driving a car is actually one of the most dangerous things a human will do in their lives. On top of just driving, people still continuously distract themselves with other things such as texting, talking on the phone, or doing makeup among hundreds of other things. Even if you yourself is the best driver around, there are still millions that aren’t. If you suffer a personal injury from a car accident, you’re most likely eligible for compensation.

Some of the cases we commonly win for our clients include:

Drunk Driver Personal Injury

Easily the worst cases we tend to deal with. Drunk driving is a criminal offense that puts two lives in danger. If you are the result of a drunk driving accident, you need to call 911 right away so they can try to track down the driver and attend to your injuries as soon as possible. Then it is best to call for your free consultation with a car accident attorney. We will deal right with your hospital and insurance companies for you. Our attorneys have recovered millions for our clients and will help you through every step of the recovery process.

Hit and Run Collisions

Probably the hardest case to work with because their normally isn’t a ton of evidence left over from the scene of the crash. You could be hit and before you even knew what hit you, the other driver is gone before your eyes. All of a sudden you’re left with a damaged car and tons of questions. Some reasons drivers flee the scene of the crash include, not having a license, insurance or a license plate among others. They don’t want to deal with the accident they just caused so they leave. Even with little evidence involved in some cases, we still take on hit and run cases with confidence and commonly win them for our clients. Call today to get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

Rear End Collisions

Rear End tend to be slightly less severe than some of the other major car accidents out there, simply because people are normally going slower and the injuries suffered tend to be a lot less than others. Still, with that being said, there are many cases where a rear end collision isn’t just a love tap while stuck in traffic. They can cause bigger personal injuries to you, and if you happen to get into an accident, you could be at stake for a settlement that could cover all of your expenses during this stressful time in your life.

Personal injuries from driving can be very severe and take a lot to recover from. You don’t deserve to go through this all by yourself. Between dealing with the hospital and insurance company, on top of already being in an accident can be extremely stressful. Yes it’s doable without an attorney, but in order to receive maximum compensation for the accident you were in, hiring the right firm can make all the difference.

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